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Statement on the Banning of Unirule Institute of Economics...  19/08/27
No. 115 of China-review Weekly is released  19/06/29
Our new book is published  19/06/27
A Theoretical Analysis, Performance Evaluation,And Reform ...  19/06/26
No. 114 of China-review Weekly is released  19/06/22
Replacing General Tariff Confrontation With Principle of R...  19/05/31
Bloomberg Businessweek:A Beijing Think Tank Struggles to S...  19/05/17
May Britain Adopt the "Special Zone System" in its Brexi...  19/05/15
The rule of law is the core technology  19/04/19

Unirule's Highlights

Statement on the Banning of Unirule Institute of Economics a...  19/08/27
No. 115 of China-review Weekly is released  19/06/29
Our new book is published  19/06/27
A Theoretical Analysis, Performance Evaluation,And Reform So...  19/06/26

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Unirule and Fairbank Cent...  
A Seminar on “Tax Burden...  
An Urbanization Salon Hel...  
The Sixth Session of the ...  
Seminar on “Theoretical ...  
The Sixth Session of West...  
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The Unirule Institute of Economics (Unirule) is an independent, nonprofit, non governmental (NGO) think tank, which was jointly initiated in July of 1993 by five prominent economists, Prof. Mao Yushi, Prof. Zhang Shuguang, Prof. Sheng Hong, Prof. Fan Gang, and Prof. Tang Shouning. Unirule is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas in economics in general, with a particular focus on institutional economics, and maintains a highly prestigious status within academic circles.


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Research Project of "A Theoretical An...  18/04/24
Research Project of “The Key to Onlin...  18/04/24
Research Project of “Economic Growth ...  18/04/24
[Past Research] Theoretical Research a...  13/07/03
Research on Improving Transparency in ...  13/04/15
Research on Public Governance of Chine...  13/04/15
Research on Endogenous and Sustainable...  13/04/15
Research on the Fairness and Efficienc...  13/04/15
Research on Land Law Systems  12/06/15
Research on Efficiency of Resource All...  12/06/15
Research on the Property Market in Chi...  11/05/10
Research on Chinas Strategy of Breakin...  11/05/10

Strategy of Developing Areas and Plann...  14/01/15
Theoretical Research and Reforming Sol...  14/01/15
Water Affairs Business Development St...  11/05/10
Fundamental Model of Investment, Opera...  10/04/19
Prof. Mao, Prof. Zhang and Prof. Sheng...  10/01/12
Urban Wastewater and Solid Waste Manag...  10/01/12
Report of the Urban Public Transportat...  09/09/16
The development strategy studies for t...  09/09/15
Overview of PPP in China´s Water...  09/09/15
Report of Waste Management Industry  09/09/15
Report of China´s E-government D...  09/09/15
Design of Model Contract for Water Sup...  09/09/15

 Events  Biweekly Symposium

Unirule and Fairbank Center Hosted Sem...  18/11/11
A Seminar on “Tax Burden and Property...  18/04/24
An Urbanization Salon Held in Beijing  18/01/02
The Sixth Session of the Forth Master ...  17/11/30
Seminar on “Theoretical Advance of Gl...  17/11/09
The Sixth Session of Western Classics ...  17/11/06
The Third Session of Hayek Reading Clu...  17/11/06
The New Economy Salon Session V Held i...  17/09/17
2017 Forum on the Survival and Develop...  17/08/17
Second Session of Book Reading Salon o...  17/08/07
Unirule Releases Macroeconomic Quarter...  17/07/31
The Fifth Session of Western Classics ...  17/07/17

[Biweekly Symposium] No. 597: How did ...  18/09/17
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 596: From “...  18/09/17
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 595: On the C...  18/09/09
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 593: Brokers,...  18/09/09
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 592: Civil Ri...  18/07/30
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 591: Some Que...  18/07/30
Biweekly Symposium] No. 590:  A Macro...  18/03/17
Biweekly Symposium] No. 587:  Misallo...  18/03/17
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 588: Insuranc...  18/03/04
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 586: What Is ...  18/03/04
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 585: Features...  18/01/02
[Biweekly Symposium] No. 584: The Inco...  18/01/02

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