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Why Support

As an NGO without government budget support, UNIRULE’s revenue mainly comes from social donations and provisional grants on a project basis from institutions at mainland and abroad. 

Different from consulting project, some studies/researches conducted by UNIRULE are public goods – by which Unirule tries to provide institutional innovative solutions for China's ongoing reform, and from which the public can benefit. 

As people know, public goods are difficult to be provided automatically by the market. Sometimes the government is willing to pay for it if the government needs certain solution on certain time. However, in most circumstances, due to different reasons the government doesn’t know or purposely neglects which studies/researches are important.

Many activities like workshops/seminars/forums/training courses held by UNIRULE face same situation due to same reasons.

So, your support is crucial to enable UNIRULE provide these “public goods” which are really needed by today’s China. 

Support What 


As a think tank, UNIRULE holds more than 50 forums/symposiums every year, to disseminate research findings, and to discuss, raise public awareness and build consensus on different economic/social topics. 

UNIRULE’s previous activities

You can benefit and support from our existing topics, or initiate new topics together with us.

Research topics

UNIRULE’s previous study programs

You can support following research topics planned by UNIRULE (proposals available), we think they are of great importance for China’s ongoing reform and development. 

l Quarterly Study on Macroeconomy

l Study on Protection of Natural Resource Property Rights

l Urbanization Policies Research, including Rural Development, Mid & Western Development, Land Using, Transport, Population & Aging Society, Social Security System, Education, Healthcare, etc.

l Study on Fiscal System Reform 

l Research on Market Oriented Approach to Promote Environment Protection

l Research on Energy Saving Programme and its impact to the economy

We are open to discuss new research topics you are interested in.

Capacity Building

Capacity building is of great importance to sustainable development of UNIRULE. It’s highly appreciated if you are willing to provide support to our English website and newsletter, or to provide visiting scholar/training opportunities to UNIRULE’s staff.

l English Website & Newsletter

l Visiting scholar/Training Opportunities 

How to Support 

If your personal focus and interest is matching with some researches mentioned above or if you have any other task or idea to cooperate with us, and/or want to know more about UNIRULE and/or our programs, please feel free to contact Ms. Yang Xiaojing, assistant of International Cooperation Office, at 86-10-87935778 or email to yangxiaojing@unirule.org.cn. 

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