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A Seminar on “Tax Burden and Property Rights” Held in Beijing
Time:2018-04-24 22:36:39   Clicks:

On the afternoon of April 10th, a seminar on “Tax Burden and Property Rights” were held by Unirule Institute of Economics and China_Review.com at Unirule Beijing Office, a second event of Yunbao Salon series. 


Professor LI Weiguang, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics; Mr. Zijin, independent scholar; Mr. CHEN Yongjie, Deputy President of Dacheng Enterprise Institute; Mr. Qin Sidao, famous economist; and Professor SHENG Hong, Director of Unirule Institute of Economics, attended the salon. Ms. CHEN Weiwei moderated the event. 


Professor SHENG Hong started with an introduction of the topic, and elaborated the intrinsic relation between tax burden and property rights. Mr. Zijin thought taxation was an exchange of taxpayers’ money for public services. He then explained the discovery mechanism by stressing a set of statistics for taxation exchanges, and the implication of freedom of market entry. Professor Qin Sidao analysed the relation between tax revenue and government property rights, pointing out that civil participation was key to protect private interest and guarantee representative decision-making. Mr. CHEN Yongjie explained three origins for the taxing power of governments in order to illustrate the rationale and limit for taxing real estate. Professor SHENG Hong focused on the purpose of taxation by the government, and pointed out that the tax burden in China was too high form a macroeconomic perspective. He also advocated flat tax system for land. 



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