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Unirule and Fairbank Center Hosted Seminars to Commemorate 40 Years’ of China’s Reform and Opening
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From November 5th to 8th, UniruleInstitute of Economics and Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies co-hosted aseries of public seminars to commemorate 40 years’ of China’s Reform andOpening in Boston, US. The main public seminars include “40 Years of Openingand Reform: A Comprehensive View – Politics, Law, Thought, Culture, Society” onNovember 5th, “Economic Reform after the19th National Congress of the CommunistParty of China” on November 6th, “Trade War and China’s New Phase ofDevelopment” on November 7th, and “40 Years of Economic Reform and Opening:Achievements and Challenges” on November 8th. In addition, several exclusiveseminars and Harvard Academic Salons were also held alongside the main publicevents.


Unirule delegation include Chinesescholars Professor Fan Gang, Professor He Weifang, Dr. Huang Yasheng, ProfessorHao Jian, Mr. Jiang Hao, Professor Liu Xiaoxuan, Professor Du Jun, Professor LuMing, Professor Mao Shoulong, Professor Qin Hui, Professor Qin Qianhong,Professor Ren Jiantao, Professor Rong Jian, Professor Sheng Hong, Professor ShiYinhong, Professor Tao Ran, Associate Professor Wang Ning, Associate ProfessorWang Jianxun, Mr. Wu Is, Professor Xiao Gongqin, Professor Zhang Lun, ProfessorZhang Shuguang, and Professor Zhang Weiying. Professor Sheng Hong, Mr JiangHao, and Professor Zhang Shuguang were not present at the seminars due tounexpected incidents.


The Harvard scholars includeProfessor Dwight H. Perkins, Professor EzraF. Vogel, Professor James W. Harpel,Professor Joseph Fewsmith, Associate Professor Mark, Professor Martin Feldstein,Associate Professor Meg Rithmire, Professor Michael Szonyi, Ms. Nancy Hearst,Professor Robert Z. Lawrence, and Professor Susan Greenhalgh.


This series of academic seminars werecovered by international media such as New York Times, The Diplomat, and SouthChina Morning Post.



See media coverage:


New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/11/05/world/asia/ap-as-china-human-rights.html


The Diplomat: https://thediplomat.com/2018/11/beijing-bars-independent-intellectuals-from-attending-harvard-events-on-chinas-reform-and-opening/


South China Morning Post: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/politics/article/2171808/unirule-economist-barred-leaving-china-harvard-event-national






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