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[Publication]  Unirule Research “A Theoretical Analysis, Performance Evaluation, And Reform Solution on Health Care2017-07-09
[Publication]  Professor SHENG Hong’s New Book An Explanation on Confucianism by Economics Published by Economic Pr2017-03-03
[Publication]  A Theoretical Research and Reforming Solution on Opening the Markets of Crude Oil and of Petroleum P2017-03-03
[Publication]  The Causes, Behaviors, and Termination Published by World Scientific Publishing Company2017-03-03
[Publication]  A History of China2017-03-03
[Publication]  The Natural Law is the Gentlemens Mission2017-03-03
[Publication]  Coase and China2013-06-06
[Publication]  Where the Chinese Anxieties Come From2013-06-06
[Publication]  Humanistic Economics: Economics Without Mathematical Terms2013-06-06
[Publication]  Quatterly Economic Brief2013-04-09
[Publication]  Prof.Yao Zhongqiu Published his Book Named Virtue, Gentleman and Custom2012-10-26
[Publication]  The Nature, Performance and Reform of State-owned Enterprises2012-10-25
[Publication]  The Causes, Behaviors, and Termination2012-08-03
[Publication]  2010 Report on Public Governance in Chinas Provincial Capital Cities2012-07-30
[Publication]  China’s Way of Transformation: the Governance Order and Transformation Strategy of Contemporary Chin2012-06-08
[Publication]  The Great Wall and the Coase Theorem2011-12-18
[Publication]  Innovating at the Margin of Traditions2011-07-04
[Publication]  China Economics (2009)2011-05-24
[Publication]   What Should China Rely On for Food Security?―Plans or Markets? Newly Published2011-05-24
[Publication]  Collecting the Quintessence (Unirule Biweekly Symposium Lecture Series)2011-04-05
[Publication]   Chinas Public Utility Reform: From Theories to Practices2011-01-17
[Publication]  China Economics (2008)2010-05-07
[Publication]  Volume 1st Institutional Change and Case Study2009-09-17
[Publication]  China Economics (2007)2009-09-17
[Publication]  China Economics (2006)2009-09-17

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