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The Great Wall and the Coase Theorem
Time:2011-12-18 14:13:03   Clicks:

By Sheng Hong


Part I  Hiring a person who whips you

Urbanization, Bubble of Governmental Performance Projects, and Macro-Economic Policy
From Administrative Reform to Constitutional Reform
Hiring a Person Who Whips You
Should the Government Take Action?
Freedom to Enter and Constitutional Rights
War Keynesianism
It is Time to End the Monopoly in Oil Industry
Monopoly is a Kind of Robbing
Unreasonable Profits without Bubble
How to Resolve the Difficult Problem of Real way-Ticket Pricing in Spring Transportation?
To Evaluate Public Goods
Taxation is a Bilateral Obligation
China can Do Better
Humanity Foundation of and Institutional Implication of Volunteers
It is a Kind of Happiness to be Supervised
To Protect Property Rights is Precondition of Stability

Part II  Explanation of “China”

From Song-Dynasty Colleges to Modern Universities
From Transcending to Moralizing
The Last Scholar-Bureaucrat
Cultural Hint from Nature
An Important "Bagatelle"
Has the God ever Said?
Whom You will Depend on without Mother?
Why is Tibet so Charmed?
Let Japan Self-Reflect with Self-Respect
Explanation of “China”
China as one Person, World as one Family
Prudence to be Larger
Transforming Slave into President
Don't Wash Money for Plunder
To Help France to Rinse out Shame

Part III  The Great Wall and the Coase Theorem

Demand for Oil and Nation's Behavior
The Great Wall and the Coase Theorem
Eergu'Na, Man and Nature are the One.
There is a Whole Firstly, there are Individuals then
"Struggle for China is Struggle for the World"
Sky on Head, Benefit in Hands
"A Country Doesn't Regard Interest as Interest, but Regard Justice as Interest."

Part IV  How to Transform Economic Growth into Cultural Prosperity?

Gigantic Country Effect: Will China still Have High-Speed Economic Growth for Several-Dozen Years?
Urbanization Time: Market Prospect We are Facing
How to Transform Economic Growth into Cultural Prosperity?
Free Trade of Land Property Rights is an Efficient Institution to Save Land
Criticism on the Land Administrative Law and its Amendment Draft
What the Law is and Why People Struggle to Death for It

Part V  Asking at the Competition between Words

Finding the Way for Perpetual Peace in Confucianism
Asking in the Competition between Words
Constitutional Economics and Constitutional Reform
China’s Stories about WTO
On the Constitutional Foundation of Political Integration in East Asia
Vocation and People’s Will


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