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The Unirule Institute of Economics operates an extensive research program that relies on the expertise and drive of its scholars. To focus the work of the institute around common themes, we have set out various programs for scholarly research.

[Research]  Research Project of "A Theoretical Analysis, Performance Evaluation, and Reform Proposal of China’2018-04-24
[Research]  Research Project of “The Key to Online Transaction Platforms’ Business Model: Virtual Land Rent”2018-04-24
[Research]  Research Project of “Economic Growth Due to the Mobile Internet”2018-04-24
[Research]  [Past Research] Theoretical Research and Reforming Solution on Opening the Markets of Crude Oil and2013-07-03
[Research]  Research on Improving Transparency in Local Governments2013-04-15
[Research]  Research on Public Governance of Chinese Provincial Capital Cities2013-04-15
[Research]  Research on Endogenous and Sustainable Urbanization: Reassessment and Correction of Chinas Urbanizat2013-04-15
[Research]  Research on the Fairness and Efficiency of the Allocation of Financial Resources2013-04-15
[Research]  Research on Land Law Systems2012-06-15
[Research]  Research on Efficiency of Resource Allocation by Administrative Departments in China2012-06-15
[Research]  Research on the Property Market in China2011-05-10
[Research]  Research on Chinas Strategy of Breaking Administrative Monopoly2011-05-10
[Research]  Cooperation Mode and Development Organizations in Lok Ma Chau Loop2011-03-15
[Research]  Research on China Market Competition Status2010-06-30
[Research]  Public Governance2010-06-30
[Research]  Low-Income Housing System Research Project2010-06-30
[Research]  Research on State-owned Enterprises Reform Under Guo Jin Min Tui Background2010-04-19
[Research]  Report of China´s E-government Development2010-01-17
[Research]  Formation of Coal’s Costs and Prices2010-01-12
[Research]  Report of Food Security and Farm Land Protection2010-01-12
[Research]  Macroeconomic Analysis Report for the 2nd Quarter of Year 2009 Release Conference2010-01-12
[Research]  Public Governance Index Press Conference2010-01-12
[Research]  Give Villagers Their Due2010-01-11
[Research]  Be Prudential to Gain Power2009-09-15
[Research]  New public management2009-09-15

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