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Professor SHENG Hong’s New Book An Explanation on Confucianism by Economics Published by Economic Pr
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An Explanation on Confucianism by Economics(《儒学的经济学解释》) the latest work of Professor SHENG Hong, Director of Unirule, is published by Economic Press China(中国经济出版社). This book compiles some of the Professor SHENG’s most recent research on Confucianism and provides an alternative illustration of Confucianism in economic terms.








First Lecture Exploring Matters and Achieving Knowledge, Keeping Mind Right and Retaining Will Sincere: Epistemology and View of the Universe


Two approaches of spiritual activities

Two sources of morality

Advantage and disadvantage of two approaches

The problem of “regarding the limited as the unlimited”

Confucianism and Economics: bounded rationality

Yangming’s Philosophy of Mind: towards combination of exploring matters and achieving knowledge with keeping mind right and retaining will sincere

How to distinguish true transcendent from false one?

Integration of and separation of religion and politics

Transcendent founders of religions and self-benefit groups of religions

Confucianism is a methodology to explain complicated matters

Why did not Japan throw Confucianism away as China did in modern time?


Referred Articles


Letting Life more Meaningful

Establishing Mind for Universe

There is Whole firstly then Individual secondly

Keeping Mind Right and Retaining Will Sincere


Second Lecture Cultivating Life: The Implication and Formation of Cultural Elites


Why are there cultural elites?

Who is right, Coase or Buchanan?

Failure of unanimity

Discipline system can not resolve all problems

Constitutionalist position of cultural elites

How could there be more cultural elites?

Moral classes and non-discriminatory education

“Business model” of cultural elites

Confucianism and Christianity: which is better?

Mechanism for choosing gentlemen

Goal of education is to cultivate gentlemen, who should be at the positions

About falsehood

Consideration from the long-run interest of ruling party and officials


Referred Articles


Judge’s Adjudication and Public Choice

What should Intellectuals do?

How do we Protect Liberty by Liberty?


Third Lecture Harmonizing Family: Familism


A theory about family

A model of family

Two characters of Familism

Shortcomings of family and institutional remedies

Using long-term vision of family in educating and transcending life

Consanguinity weakened and families’ competition

Theory of state originated from family

Political technology of family developed along with expansion of time and space

Generalization of filial piety and as political principle

Family and Globalism

Modern meaning of family

Although you are not kind, I would not be injustice

Legitimacy is more important than political technology

Accordance and conflicts between family interest and individual interest

Will Familism revive?


Referred papers


Although you are not kind, I would not be injustice

Discussion about “Familism” in Unirule-biweekly workshop


Forth Lecture Governing StateI: Economic Institutions and Policies


“Does God say?” and “benefit without cost”

Lightening corvee and easing tax is Yao-Shun way

No competing with citizens

Realizing and spreading of Economic Liberalism of Confucianism

School of Eastern Zhejiang and Mainstream of Confucianism

Why did I talk about Confucianism positively?

Why did not China lead industrial revolution, now that there was market economy in traditional China,?

There are few gentlemen in modern China


Referred papers


Does God Say?

Pre-qin Philosophy in China and Modern Institutionalism



Fifth Lecture Governing StateII: Constitutionalism and Political Structure


Opinion of God's will: Confucianism on political legitimacy

People-ontology of Confucianism

Ideal of kingcraft: there are still sky and earth besides human beings

Governance with etiquette: between with law and with morality

Constraint by history

Governed by gentlemen

Criticizing system and other things

Why was Song-dynasty strong in economy, and weak in military?

Destiny sense by Christians and error of wars against other countries by U.S.

Is it good to unite?

Researches on political institutions and cultures by economics

Original meaning of people ontology and dilemma of civilizations

Is there concept of rights in Confucianism?


Referred papers


Why would People rather Choose the Institutions which don’t Benefit them?

Innovation at the Margin of Tradition


Sixth Lecture Creating Peace for World: From Nationalism to Globalism


Individual and state is more important in western world, while family and world is more important in China

Why would emphasizing family lead to emphasizing world?

Rethinking international order dominated by western world:  Social Darwinism

Why is Kant’s “perpetual peace theory” wrong ?

Towards peace by peace: global ideal of Confucianism

Globalist Centre

Kindness is powerful

How does a gentleman play with an ordinary ?

Morality is a little part of God’s will

Human rights and property rights, which are more important ?

A man who conspires is also one with bounded rationality

Difference between rationality and morality

Kindness can be realized on ground

Gentlemen’s nation and ordinaries’ nation

China will not fight for hegemony


Referred papers


What is a Civilization ?

From Nationalism to Globalism

Individualism and Social Darwinism

Finding Way in Confucianism towards Perpetual Peace



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