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Innovating at the Margin of Traditions
Time:2011-07-04 14:13:02   Clicks:

by Sheng Hong


Part I  How to Inspire the Mind?
Are We Facing a Strategic Turning Point of the History?
The Division of Labor with Hands and that with Brains
The Light of Knowledge
Why is Tolerance Powerful?
What Makes Human Beings a Giant?
How to Inspire Minds?
The Success of Intel and Going Concerns
Mainstream Ideology and the Regulation on Internet
Who Permits "Permission"?

Part II  The God Listens from where People Listen
Doing what the Unicom Has Done
Working outside the System
The God Listens from where People Listen
Dice and Efficiency
Let Price Elasticity and Scale Economy Work
Valuing Creativity
Haier and Galanz: A Comparison of the Two Classical Models
Understanding Corporation

Part III  Macro Variables and Micro Atmosphere
Making Multiplier Larger
The Economy in China Expects Recovery
The Effect of WTO: That of Future to Today
How to Win the Competition Introduced by WTO?
Making Plan of a Year in the Spring
The Macro Result of Fairness
Continuous Expanding while Taking Care of Fairness
Macro Variables and Micro Atmosphere
The Economic Effects of Terror
60 Million vs. 1300 Million
On a Special Monetary Policy
Exploring the "Frontier" of Market Economy

Part IV  Curing the Illnesses of the Institutions
It's Time to feel Shame for the Word "Mangliu"
Unfairness can Kill not only Persons, but also the Society
Informal Contracts
Behind the Uniforms and the Cars for Public Affair
How to Protect the Green?
The Procedure for Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum
Curing the Illnesses of the Institutions
The Implications of Amendment of the Constitution
Let the Constitution Work
The Heaviest Burden
Girls' Prinking for Inspector
Towards a Flowing Society
Freedom only when Self-discipline
Towards a Society over Interests
Let Credit become a Monument for Government's Performance
Dujiang Weir: A Frozen Institution
Let Farmers Represent Themselves
Learning how to apologize
Mechanism of Entrance Examination for College and Rule of Pontoon

Part V  Setting up the Mind for Universe
Implication of Transactions
Can the Next be Avoided?
Setting up the Mind for Universe
Voice of Reading Books and Affairs of the World
From Religious Sense to Being Moralized
"Free Trade" of Britain: An Epochal Lie
Reading Books Inspiriting Imagination
The Best Monumentalizing
Revenge Once for Two-time Attacks
Part VI  Innovating at the Margin of Traditions
Not to Regard Academic Discussion as an Issue of Ideology
Innovating at the Margin of Traditions
Preface for The Newsletter of Industrial Economics
The General Preface for The Series of World Comments
Modernization is the Creativity of Modern People


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