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The development strategy studies for town Bajiakou:Focusing on specialized market of structural cera
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The paper is consigned by Bajiakou Town of Shanxi Province. On the foundation of spot investigation and economic theory, we proposed the core strategy: Bajiakou develops construction ceramic market as the core strategy, then develops relevant market service industry, such as logistics. Market and industry supplement with each other to promote the industrialization and suburblization of Bajiakou. To achieve the objective, according to Bajiakou’s reality, we propose the three-steps to implement, and suggest that Bajiakou should reform in the area of “collective economy”, “ regional planning” “land utilization” and give a series of comments. Simultaneously, we propose some affiliated strategy to complement the core strategy,
I.Overview, Background, Objective
A.        Overview
B.        Background
C.        Objective
II.       The resource characteristic of Bajiakou town and the surrounding area
A.        The resource characteristic of Bajiakou town
B.        The resource characteristic of the surrounding area
III.     The economic situation and problems of Bajiakou Town
A.        The economic development of Bajiakou Town
B.        The characteristic analysis of present situation
C.        The emergent issues
IV.     The development strategy of Bajiakou Town
A.        The necessity
B.        The feasibility
C.        The basic profile of construction ceramic market and the reason
D.        The scale and influence radius of construction ceramic market
V.       Logistics industry and other services industry as
A.        Logistics industry’s development
B.        Construction ceramic market and the logistics
C.        Other services for construction ceramic market
D.        Yangcheng county and the surrounding area’s development of logistics
E.        Bajiakou Town’s development of logistics
VI.     Strategic implementation
A.        The urbanization and integration of resources
B.        The institutional innovation of collective economy
C.        The steps of strategy
D.        The transition of government function
VII.  The benefit and risk analysis
A.        The benefit
B.        The risk

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