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[Events]  Good Government or Bad Government: Seminar on Quality of Government2013-07-04
[Events]  Unirule’s Proposal on Opening Crude Oil and Refined Oil Market2013-06-21
[Events]  Seminar on “Freedom of Speech and Debate Rules”2013-06-18
[Events]  Seminar on “China Land System and Houses with Limited Property Rights”2013-05-27
[Events]  Expert Forum on “Framework of Principles of The Land Law System”2013-05-23
[Events]  The Unirule Spring Outing 20132013-04-28
[Events]  Chinese Macroeconomic Analysis Report for the 1st Quarter of the Year2013-04-27
[Events]  [Unirule Reading Circle] No. 1: How China Became Capitalist(chinese version)?2013-04-17
[Events]  The Seminar on “Railways Reform: Questions, Expectations, and Solutions”2013-04-16
[Events]  Forum on 2013 New Year’s Expectations held in Beijing2013-01-20
[Events]  The seminar “Reflecting on ‘Chongqing Model ’:System and Thought”2013-01-05
[Events]  Education Forum 2012 was Successfully Held in Beijing2012-12-11
[Events]  [JunZe Reading Party] No. 4: Social Development and Government Reform2012-11-27
[Events]  The Unirule Autumn Outing 20122012-10-29
[Events]  The seminar on Social Management Reform and Social Organization Development2012-10-09
[Events]  The Seminar of Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Publication of Mathematical Foundation of Eco2012-09-29
[Events]  Forum on Promoting Open Government Information an Investigation in Beijing, Guiyang and Yinchuan Re2012-08-10
[Events]  The Unirule Summer Camp 2012 Successfully Held in Chengdu2012-08-01
[Events]  The Seminar “the South China Sea Dispute: National Sovereignty and International Rules”2012-06-16
[Events]  The Unirule Annual Board of Directors Meeting 20122012-06-13
[Events]  The Unirule Spring Outing 20122012-06-12
[Events]  The Seminar on Curbing Department Legislation and Protecting Fairness and Justice2012-06-03
[Events]  The Second Meeting of the Second Standing Committee of the Unirule CCPPP2012-06-03
[Events]  Seminar on Financial Order and Judicial Justice held in Beijing2012-06-03
[Events]  Forum on New Year’s Expectations held in Beijing2012-03-18

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