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The Unirule Institute of Economics operates an extensive research program biweekly(introduction of the biweekly)

[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.367, Economics of Transition and Chinas reform2008-08-01
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.366, Corporate Theory and China2008-07-18
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.365, The future of China: Marketization vs. Mechanization2008-07-04
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.364, An inquiry into the behavior of Chinas local government2008-06-20
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.363, Resurrecting Keynes & Harrod2008-06-06
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.351, Hukou and Gender Discrimination2007-12-21
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.350, Familism2007-12-07
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.349, The mechanism of economics2007-11-23
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.348, Can China open new frontier?2007-11-09
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.347, Privatization in China: a fiscal perspective2007-10-26
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.346, Population Quality2007-10-12
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.325, Decentralization, Inequality and Development2006-12-12
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.324, An Analysis on Issues Related to Taiwans Democratic Development2006-12-08
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.323, Federalism and Constitutional Government2006-11-24
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.322, The Rise of Chinas Credit-rating Industry2006-11-10
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.321,State-owned Enterprise and National Economic Security2006-10-27
[Biweekly Symposium]  [Biweekly Symposium] No.320, On Intellectual Property2006-09-29

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