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Sheng Hong Brief Introduction
Time:2017-03-02 14:12:53   Clicks:

Sheng  Hong
Executive Director
Research Interests: institutional economics, externalities, Chinese culture

Sheng Hong: Director of the Unirule Institute of Economics, a professor at the Economic Research Institute of Shandong University, was born in 1954, graduated from People's University of China in 1983, received Master Degree and Doctor Degree in economics from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1986 and in 1990 respectively. Once he was a visiting scholar of the University of Chicago from 1993 to 1994. Resent years, he focuses on institutional economics, international political economy, and comparing and combining traditional Chinese culture and Western economic theories. Representative works of his are as follows: Division of Labor and Transactions (1992), Transitional Economics of China (1994, as the chief editor), Creating Peace Forever (1996), Seeking for a Stable Way for the Reform (2002), Governing a Large Country as Cooking Small Fishes: an Institutional Economics on Governments (2003), Towards Peace by Peace (2005), "On Familism”(2008), and "The Institutional Reasons of Financial Crisis in U.S. "(2011).
Email: shenghong@unirule.org.cn, shenghong54@vip.sina.com
TEL: 8610-52988128-8008

FAX: 8610-52988126

CV available here.


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