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Unirule New Year Expectations 2018 Forum Held in Beijing
Time:2018-03-04 10:49:32   Clicks:

January 9th, a Unirule New Year Expectations 2018 Forum was held in Beijing, a seventh in its history. Many scholars, entrepreneurs and journalists attended this forum, including XU Zhangrun, ZHANG Lifan, LI Dun, LIANG Zhiping, HE Guanghu, LIU Yejin, HE Weifang, XU Xin, WANG Jianxun, LI Weiguang, SHENG Hong, Qinsidao, WU Si, and JIANG Hao. 


Mr. WU Si, President of Unirule gave an opening speech. And Professor SHENG Hong introduced a series of public thought products Unirule has produced in 2017. He also expressed his gratitude for the support of Unirule partners and the society. 


There were four thematic units, namely, “expectations for the prospect of China’s future”, “expectations for economic and political changes”, “expectations for constitutional review”, and “expectations for global governance and the world”. This forum took a look at changes in the last year, and expressed its hope to reason and persuade in the new year. It also addressed current affairs with analysis, criticism, and suggestions, such as the recent event of evicting the so-called “low-end population” in Beijing; the constitutional review, and rule by constitution; taxation and civil participation in politics; construction of a modern fiscal system; warning for fascism; personal integrity; artificial intelligence and diversity of religions, etc..  

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