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Notice of Soliciting Articles on Ronald Coase and China
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Unirule Institute of Economics

Ronald Coase is the founder of New Institutional Economics. December 29th of this year marks his 100th birthday. In the past thirty years, his economics theories have been widely spread and applied in China, and China's reform practice also further enriches and develops the New Institutional Economics theory.

To celebrate Coase's 100th birthday and to promote research and practice of Institutional Economics theory in China, Unirule Institute of Economics, Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, Tsinghua SEM, Faculty of Social Sciences of Zhejiang University, National Economic Research Institute, the Center for Economic Research of Shandong University, Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, School of Economics of Fudan University, National School of Development and Economics of Law Research Center of Peking University, decide to initiate and co-host the Seminar on "Ronald Coase and China" at the end of December. You are invited to participate in our solicitation of articles. Your articles can express both appreciation and depreciation. Debates, breakthrough and innovation are welcomed. The theme of your contribution should be on the following aspects:

Coase and His Story;
Transaction Costs Idea of Coase;
Property Rights Idea of Coase;
Coase's Idea on Market and the Nature of the Firm;
Influences of Coase's Economics Ideas on Institutional Economics
Application of Coase's Economics Ideas in the Field of Economy, Society, Politics, Public Administration, Ecological Environment, Climate Change, etc.,/
Influence of Coase's Theories on China’s Reform;
――Influence of Coase's Ideas on Other Scholars;
Comparative Research on Ideas of Coase and that of Other Schools

Scholars with great achievements in research of Coase Theory and New Institutional Economics will be invited to the seminar. Personages of all walks of life, young and middle-aged scholars from the economics circle, the law circle, and the business world in particular, are welcomed to participate and submit your contributions.

Your seminar thesis should be sent to Unirule Institute of Economics via email, fax, or post, and marked with "Ronald Coase and China." We will organize specialists to review the theses and send out invitations by early December. 

Deadline for contributions: November 20th, 2010

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Tel: 010-87935779, 62132181
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Zhang Shuguang
Chairman of the Academic Committee of Unirule Institute of Economics
September 14th, 2010

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