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Specialized Market and Tourism: Delivery of “A Research on Strategy of Regional Development, Transfo
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On August 19th, Unirule research team on “Strategy of Regional Development, Transformation of Urban Function, and Reposition of Industries for Yangcheng County, Shanxi Province” delivered the research findings in Yangcheng County, Shanxi Province. Professor SHENG Hong, Director of Unirule and Director of the research team, along with Ms. QIAN Pu, Deputy Director of China Center for Public-Private Partnerships(CCPPP), and Ms. YANG Xiaojing, Project Researcher of CCPPP attended the meeting. Mr. WANG Jinfeng, Secretary of Yangcheng County Communist Party Committee, the heads of government departments and offices were present at the meeting. There were over a hundred attendees at the meeting. External experts from planning bureaus, universities, and institutes of urban planning also joined the meeting. Mr. ZHAO Xu, Executive Director of Unirule Development Research Center Guangzhou(UDRC) was also present.



Professor SHENG Hong firstly introduced the methods and framework of the research project. He pointed out the importance of combining the power of market with the rational and reasonable planning by the government. He stressed the key function of market in regional resource allocation. Generally speaking, Yangcheng County as a small and ordinary county in Shanxi Province was not competitive compared to other counties in China. In order to further develop the regional economy, improvement of the institutions and development of specialized market should be the approach towards prosperity since such measures could promote concentration of consumers which further brought about transaction benefits.

Ms. QIAN Pu spoke on why Yangcheng County should develop specialized market, why it was a strategic choice, why Yangcheng County was able to develop such a market, and how to do it. Ms. YANG Xiaojing reported on Yangcheng’s strategy on developing tourism and cultural industries, Yangcheng’s positioning, and the approaches to be taken. Lastly, she introduced the core cultural resources of Yangcheng, and used “”(as in Honesty) to summarize the core cultural competencies of Yangcheng County.



The government officials of Yangcheng County spoke highly of the research and thought it provided theoretical basis for developing the 13th Five-Year-Plan for Yangcheng County. They also thought this research provided helpful solution to Yangcheng’s future positioning and development.


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