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Unirule Scholars Attended the Tenth Chinese Hayek (Hayek) Society Annual Meeting
Time:2014-10-26 14:15:06   Clicks:

August 28-29, the Tenth Chinese Hayek (Hayek) Society Annual Meeting was held in Taiwan Feng Chia University. The meeting was about Hayek’s legacy, liberalism and economic development, and entrepreneurship. A small entrepreneur seminar was also held on the last day of the annual meeting for entrepreneurs from mainland and Taiwan. Professor MAO Yushi, Honorary President of Unirule, Professor YAO Zhongqiu(Qiufeng), President of Unirule, Professor ZHANG Shuguang, Chairman of Unirule Academic Committee, along with another 17 mainland entrepreneurs attended the meeting. During the meeting, Unirule scholars also hosted, spoke, and commented in various sessions.



Professor YAO Zhongqiu congratulated Mr. LI Bingqian, President of Taiwan Feng Chia University on the success of the meeting and exchanged gifts.



Professor MAO Yushi gave an opening speech for the meeting by talking about Hayek’s proposals and warnings seventy years ago. Professor MAO Yushi celebrated the insights in Hayek’s Road to Surfdom. He also spoke on China’s development path, and the achievements of the last three decades. He thought, the difference in evaluating the equality of a society lied on the difference of personal pursuit of equality, i.e. the pursuit of equality of the end and the pursuit of equality of the means. Professor MAO pointed out that it would do harm to the “invisible” status and human rights to extinguish the “visible” inequality. He also emphasized that China should struggle to maintain and improve individual freedom.



Professor MAO Shoulong Academy of Public Policy of Remin University of China spoke on Hayek’s ideas and evolvement of governance.



Professor WANG Jianxun  from China University of Political Science and Law spoke on Left-wing liberalism and counter-arguments.


Many scholars joined the heated discussion during the meeting. The entrepreneur seminar which was held on the last day of the meeting was gracefully hosted by Professor CHEN Jinfa from Taiwan Feng Chia University. Dialogues between entrepreneurs from mainland and Taiwan was witnessed, so was discussion on entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibilities, entrepreneurship and business environment, dilemma and self-development, and interests and rights of entrepreneurs. Scholars at the meeting also gave their comments on the abovementioned topics.





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