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“Unirule Policy Proposal for Reform” Released in Beijing
Time:2015-03-09 14:15:11   Clicks:

 On the afternoon of March 2nd, “Unirule Policy Proposal for Reform” was released at Unirule office in Beijing. Professor ZHANG Shuguang, Chairman of Unirule Academic Committee, held the press conference. This report proposed Unirule’s stance and proposals as a private think tank in order to promote China’s reform and transformation. Present at the conference were Professor YAO Zhongqiu(Qiufeng), President of Unirule; Professor SHENG Hong, Director of Unirule; Professor CHEN Youhong, Vice President of Center for Harmonious Community Development of Haidian District; Mr. ZHAO Xu, Director of Unirule Development Research Center Guangzhou(UDRC);Dr. QIAN Pu, Project Researcher of Unirule; Professor LI Weiguang from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics; Mr. NIE Riming from Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law; Mr. CHEN Yongjie, Deputy Secretary General of China Center for International Economic Exchange; and many other scholars and journalists.


Professor SHENG Hong gave an opening speech and introduced the background and purpose of drafting this Proposal. He briefly introduced the content, and pointed out that the progress of the society required multiple forces whereas Unirule’s effort aimed to provide necessary references to promote the reforms. The project executives introduced the Proposal in turn with detailed information on the 11 chapters, research framework, and key research outcomes. At last, the authors of the chapters presented key information respectively.


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