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MAO Yushi Interviewed by Global News, Canada
Time:2015-06-17 14:15:15   Clicks:


Recently, Mr. MAO Yushi, Honorary President of Unirule, was interviewed by Global News, a major Canadian media. Three issues were talked about during the interview.


Firstly, Mr. MAO Yushi expressed his opinion on the slowdown of China’s economy. He thought it was difficult to maintain a 7% GDP growth. The main threats to the economic stability come from the real estate bubble and the bad loans from banks. However, it is acceptable to have a 5% GDP growth compared to the economic situations in other countries. Should China’s economy embrace a hard crash, as “the Chinese government handles massive resources, it can be dealt with, though there will be seminal influences.”


Secondly, Mr. MAO Yushi articulated his opinions on the anti-corruption campaign. He confirmed the celebrated outcomes of the campaign, but thought it was impossible to eradicate corruption. Because “corruption is a comprehensive issue. It has a lot to do with the politics, freedom of speech, and the education level of citizens.” Corruption exists in most developing countries. According to Transparency International, China’s ranking is not the worst.


Thirdly, Mr. MAO Yushi talked about controversies concerning himself. He said” those controversies are not in terms of academics, but mostly in regard to my comment on MAO Zedong”. One of the main reasons is that “people hold different historic records and information, that’s why we differ in looking at MAO Zedong”. With the suppression of the history by the authorities, few young people know what really happened back then. “But I am confident that truth will come out soon.”

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