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Press Release of Unirule Research in Healthcare Reform Held in Beijing
Time:2017-07-09 22:17:19   Clicks:

June 30th, a press release of Unirule research in healthcare reform was held at Unirule Beijing Office. The report of this research entitled “A Theoretical Analysis, Performance Evaluation, And Reform Solution on Health Care System in China”  was released. Present at the press release were research team members and famous economists including Professor ZHANG Shuguang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Professor HAN Chaohua, Researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Professor Guping, and journalists from the media.  

Professor SHENG Hong, research team director and director of Unirule Institute of Economics, first introduced the framework and basic findings of the research, illustrating from three perspectives, namely healthcare services, medicines, and healthcare insurances, the basic principles and specific measures for the healthcare reform. He also gave a rough estimate of the benefit of such a reform path. 

Mr. ZHANG Lin, research team member, then introduced the mechanism of an insurance paradox and explained how healthcare insurances hinders the market mechanism and leads to the increase of healthcare expenditures. 

Ms. QIAN Pu later analyzed the causes for the contradictions in the healthcare system in China, and further explained an approach to evaluate the fairness and efficiency of the healthcare system. 

Professor ZHANG Shuguang, Professor HAN Chaohua and Professor Guping commented on the research. They approved the research generally, and gave specific comments and critiques respectively. Professor ZHANG recognized the importance of the quantitative analysis of the cost and benefit of healthcare insurances in the research; Professor HAN spoke on further reform proposals that the report failed to address; and Professor Guping pointed out the strategy for a smooth reform in China. 

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