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Seminar on the Survival and Development of China’s Private Enterprises Held in Beijing
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December 6th, 2016, a seminar on “the Survival and Development of China’s Private Enterprises” was held at Unirule Beijing Office. Present at the meeting include experts as follows: GAO Yan, Deputy Director of Unirule Institute of Economics;ZHAO Nong, Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; HE Weifang, Professor, Peking University; JIA Baolan, Member of CPPCC;LI Zhuang, Lawyer; LI Weiguang, Professor, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics; LIU Qihong, Research Department of China Chamber of Commerce; LIU Xiaoxuan, Deputy Director, Microeconomics Department; MAO Yushi, Honorary President, Unirule Institute of Economics;MENG Chang, Professor, Beijing Technology and Business University; Ningyue, Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; SHENG Hong, Director of Unirule Institute of Economics; TANG Dajie, Secretary General, China Enterprise Institute;  WANG Ying, Entrepreneur; WANG Youyin, Lawyer; YIN Wenquan, Diretor, Economic and Management Research Department of NDRC; YAN Wenxin, Lawyer; ZHOU Fangsheng, Former DeputySASAC; and QIN Sidao, Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;


Professor MAO Yushi gave a presentation on “There’s No Hope for Countries that Don’t Treat Private Enterprises Fairly”. He took the issue of the plummeting growth rate of private enterprises on the background of economic slowdown. He thought the latest document on promoting and protecting property rights should go a little farther and take the violation of property rights in the past seriously. He introduced the two emancipation of thoughts in China’s history, the first was the introduction of household responsibility system, and the second was Deng Xiaoping’s tour to the south. In the latter case, Deng said the best system, no matter capitalism or socialism, was the one that developed the productivity the best. The two times of emancipation was really about breaking the fake belief in public ownership. There are just a handful of countries in the world that still advocate public ownership, and now the Chinese economy is mainly consisting of private enterprises. Therefore, it is vital to address this issue of public ownership. It should be noted that those who advocate public ownership are the ones who privatise and take others’ property.


Professor Ningyue spoke on “Entrepreneurship, Confidence and the Prospect of Private Asset”. He introduced the different sources of entrepreneurship in China’s history and around the world. He introduced Hayek’s idea on the difference of rules that the big society runs according to and the small groups run according to. A “surprising leap” takes the small clans and groups into a society. He also introduced that there were over 1.3 million new enterprises registered last year, a yearly increase of 21.6%, which means about 12000 enterprises registered daily. When the environment for business gets worse, there are usually an increase of enterprises in order to do business in a decentralised way, and to avoid overwhelming tax. He also took the issue on the minus growth rate of fixed asset investment by private enterprises.

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