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Sheng Hong , male, now working as the director of Unirule Institute of Economics, director of China Center for Public-Private Partnerships and Professor of Shandong University. He once led the project of translating the collection of thesis "On the Constitutional Structure of Production" by Professor Ronald Sike and composed "Modern Constitutional Economy Studies". His book "Division of Labour and Trade" is one of the successful attempt of research approaches to constitutional economy in China. he once undertook many significant research projects within Unirule Institute of Economics , including "the Study of  Policy and Methodology of Coordinated Development of Land and Traffic in Urban Beijing " ,"Study of Urban Pipeline Fuel Gas", etc.

Cao Yuanzheng, Male, born in June, 1954, is now the chief economist of Bank of China International Holdings Limited. director of the Unirule China Center for Public-Private Partnerships . He once worked as economic specialist in World Bank, Asia Development Bank and UN Development and Planning Program. Since 1990, he has been the economic advisor of many countries with transitional economy like Vietnam, Mongolia, Czech, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghizstan, etc. He once was the first Vice Dean of Economic Restructuring Reserch Institute. He enjoys great academic reputation within the circle with major works including "The Secret of the Growth of Eastern Asia"(1998), "Chinese Economy: Development and Chanllenge facing the Future" (1994), "Chinese Economic Restructuring by 2020"(1996), "Privatization: Chinese Experiences"(1998), "The Development of Chinese Private Sector" (1999), etc.
Zhang Xinzhu , male , now working as director general of Rules and Competition Research Center of Academy of Social Sciences, Unirule China Center for Public-Private Partnerships Chairman of the Committee for Academic Research Center , the chief editor of this book who also make contributions to the writing of the 7th chapter. He makes a thorough research on fixing prices supervising and management and general service of Public Affairs. He is the main author of Rules and Regulations and Competition in China: Theories and Policies (Social science document press), Regulations and competition on internet industry(co-authored). Up to now, he has undertaken many significant research projects in Acdemy of Social Sciences and Unirule Institute of Economics.

Zhou Hanhua , male now working as the directors of the board of the Unirule China Center for Public-Private Partnerships. In September of 1996 learned from Professor, Li Buyun in Acdemy of Social Sciences of China, and was bestoured the doctor degree in June , 2000. Once working as visiting scholar at Michigen University Law school and Human Rights Research Institute. Resently his research focus on: administrative lawsuit, government contral and State Reparations,with major works including On the Law Issues in Adminstrative Lawsuits, The Comparation on Systems of State Reparation Aborad, ect, He mainly offeres advisor severice on investment, financing for international investors.

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