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Report of China Taxi Industry
Time:2008-09-15 14:12:49   Clicks:

Different with other Industry Reports, this report tries to describe the Taxi Industry in a nationwide view, although a taxi Industry is only involved in a city. As we know, each city behaves differently and has various history on the development of taxi industry. And there are also diverse industry problems in these cities. But the economical characters of all these taxi industries, though located in different cities, are the same, and the results that the taxi industry policies bring about are also similar. This can be proved by the similar taxi industry conflicts happened widely in all the cities throughout China. Due to this, a nationwide report on Taxi Industry can be possible.

The first part of the report reveals the difficulties of the research on the taxi issues, and points out the reasons why we can have a nationwide taxi industry report.

Part two defines the Taxi Industry of China, and introduces briefly the history of Taxi in China. Economical Characters, Industry Structure and Market Segments of the Taxi Industry comprise the emphasis of Part Two.

The third part introduces the regulation system of Taxi Industry, which includes regulation branch, Industry Organization and legal system. This part classifies the regulation policies into several aspects: the regulation of the participants, the entry regulation, price control, safety regulation and service quality regulation. Each is explained plainly.

The fourth describes two representative ways to run the industry: Beijing-Pattern and Wenzhou-Pattern. There is also a detailed description of the compendia and Industry Structures of taxi industries in these two cities.

In the fifth part, the comparisons of the cabbies income and profit earned by per cab between Beijing and Wenzhou are listed. Furthermore, the causes of the differences are discussed cursorily.

The important affairs that have happened in the China Taxi Industry last year (2004) can be found in the Part Six.

The last part gives a prospect of the development of the Taxi Industry of China.

Up to now, no Chinese city has completed a satisfied Supervision System of Taxi Industry. And the collection and analysis of the industry data are not well done or never done. Moreover, there is no regular Taxi Industry Report ever been made. This report is the first regular Taxi Industry Report, but what it achieves is only the first step of the serious research on the Taxi Industry.


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