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[Biweekly Symposium] No. 582: Development and Issues of Forty Years of Study of China's Modern Hist
Time:2017-11-28 12:03:12   Clicks:

[Biweekly Symposium] No. 582: Development and Issues of Forty Years of Study of China's Modern History. 

Lecturer: MA Yong

Host: QIN Sidao

Commentators: MA Kefeng, HONG Zhenkuai, ZHANG Lifan

Professor MA Yong argued that the reason why this topic was brought up was that our textbooks still adopted a standpoint forty years old. The study of modern history has advanced greatly. Professor MA Yong thought we need to view modern history from a new perspective, not using the rhetorics of revolution. If not, then we risk entangle ideology and academics. He also objected the profile stereotypes depicted by our textbooks when it comes to the historical events and figures. An old framework of rhetorics must be discarded in order to keep up with the new development in the study of modern history. 

At last, Professor MA Yong proposed his ideal framework for us to look at modern history. He thought we should abandon two things, the rhetorics of a victim and the narrow-mindedness. He thought we should look at China’s modern history from the perspective of a part of the global history, instead of restraining it. The dynamics of China entering the history of the world should be the main theme of modern history. 

Unirule Biweekly Symposium has been serving the Chinese public as an open platform for academic exchange. 

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